Friday, 15 June 2012

and Her regime : abstracts

Praxis presents a triptych of Her regime. A fluxus event exploiting the poetic writing process, a fluid performance event, and a non-harmonious video loop.


Becky : and Her regime I

A society in flux. A society under duress. A society offering a poly-experience. and Her I regime is a participatory event exploring the process of production and performance. and Her I regime seeks to exploit the work force as they take part in a durational performance, moving through process towards product. and Her I regime is 52 rules. and Her I regime is voice on voice. and Her I regime is pen on paper. and Her I regime is a meta-movement.


Prudence : and Her regime II

A society is created through a collaborative script-writing process. The performer of this Utopia/Dystopia/Topia is determined by a shuffle of the cards, in which each participant will convey to an audience the hand they have been dealt within their own constructed microcosm.


Nisha : and Her regime III  

The cosmic regime: a microcosm-macrocosm is created and maintained. We attempt to find balance between the 4 elements through poetic rituals, but the structures are illusory. No sooner is harmony achieved in a brief video-poem, than it is upset by a scene change, a new rule. 52 video-poems caught in a loop, the cyclic trap of poetic creativity, strife, and decline. 


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