Friday, 22 February 2013

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An absent fem body

In an anxious state of knowing I am not there and knowing you are there I sit and begin to consider what the thoughts may be or the words are and whether they are broken or full or both and will be both and will have stutter and breath and be of your body. This is body in my absence and is body in the action of being here and not there. The here is of its present and there is of a future. Both now will have shifted and altered as body and time have shifted from there and here and here and now. Movement of time in body as my body moves in time it is out of time with yours in another space in the same space and always in another space. The other space is.

Regulated as absent it was a striking look from there.

The present. Moving away from it is the position of where.

They are in my mind.

Steady as hip against side of chain.

Left there her bareness startles in constant forward of on-going.

Can a point drift further from this. Hip up and paralleled across.

Flattens out over come with non. Go between the negative yeah. Handling it as they do will.

They are in my on-going.

Left and across its leg bends to contract a joint going.

Having spent time combing it now moves.

To just stop is not enough. A way.

They are in my thinking.

Pointing further in the way of body. I aim to move from it.

Lengthening away from. Toward. Going.

Let it rest in the cup of it likening the wood to her bare neck as it moves.

They can ask. They going on in up motions pointing at. Closely.

Gentle and in a speaking voice let there considerations strike them.

How to stay to wait on to stutter through. Lining.

In action of non there is a present hole in. Because.

Shifting a code. Gender is less than it has.

Offering in an empathy. They progress.

In having it here. It is body.

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